stevie ray vaughan

Thursday, July 16, 2009


What is the meaning of life? A question that is asked in society everyday. I have come to realize that the questions which simply cannot be answered are the ones that we spend most of our time contemplating. We cannot and will not except the defeat of an un answered i pose this question: Can the answer be that there is no definite answer at all? Infact can't we answer all purposful and non purposful questions with "the answer is different for everyone".
For me who you are as a person gives life its meaning. The expiriences that we have and share with others all ad up to who we turn out to be. It could also be said that who we turn out to be can never be defined until the moment of death, becuase all expiriences that we've had with which make us who we are only then stop. There is no set meaning, rather a continuous thread of little peaces of meaning that come together to form a human being.

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